Special: Lifestyle mini-sessions!

[Update: Lifestyle mini-sessions are Now until Nov. 30th]

Need holiday photos? This September and October only, book a totally personalized, 30-minute photo session for $300. YOU decide the day, the style and the location.

And also you get a pre-session & color consulting!

I know some of you are busy enough and are willing to have a shorter version, and in that way you still can have your photos ready for the holidays. It allows me to keep doing an individualized service and a modern lifestyle family portrait that represents you and your family without missing details ;)

I'm really excited about this option, and I hope to hear from you!

1.- When you book your Lifestyle special session, we set-up a time for a FaceTime or Skype pre-session (for those located within 20 miles from Petaluma, and aren't available to do it via FaceTime or Skype, we could have a breakfast together and a short conversation about your personalized mini-session).

Email me at photo@bylorena.com with your 4 preferred days/times and I'll let you know if I'm available during those times (sessions cannot be farther than 50 miles from Petaluma. In those case you could decide on another location other than your home. I recommend that these kinds of sessions be shot at places like your favorite ice-cream shop, at the library, the local sweet shop, or maybe while cooking, playing or having dinner with your family... these lifestyle modern sessions are less posed and more about you and your environment.

Monday to Friday are the best days (I will take a maximum of two these special sessions per day during weekdays & one during weekends).

Saturdays & Sundays are more limited, but always email me to check it out if I'm available. The full payment of $300 plus taxes is requested to secure your special mini-session.

2.- I will arrive 15 minutes before the photo shoot start time, during that time I can set-up lights if needed, talk to your family, and warm up for the session. Once photo shoot starts, it is limited to 30 minutes. We will set an appointment approximately a week later for a private viewing and ordering session.

3.- A week later we will meet at your home (not more than 20 miles from Petaluma) or I will reserve a meeting room for us in Petaluma. I will show you 25 images and you will select your favorite 5 (included on the $300 payment), and approximately within 3 weeks you will have your files or any additional product purchased.

 Optional to buy: (special price for this limited sessions only)

 • 1 or 5 or 10 or all the Fine Art 8x10 prints with museum quality 11x14 mat and the high resolution digital files of the same images at $120 or $420 or $680 or $1080 respectively

 • 25 or 50 custom designed holiday cards at $80 or $125 respectively

 4.- All your products and files will be delivered 3 weeks after our viewing session, and you will be contacted to arrange the best method to delivery your pieces. 

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at lorena@bylorena.com or photo@bylorena.com. 


University of San Francisco & Sutra Bath Grad Photo Session 2015

I feel I have been a witness to her transition into adult life. I first met her when she was in her first year, and she was also a lovely babysitter for my son and my sweet neighbor. Now, to make her last photo session (for now) in San Francisco because she has finished the college, and is back to her hometown, made a very special photo session for me. Congratulations on your license granted last week, and all the best in your beautiful career as a nurse!

I feel I have been a witness to her transition into adult life. I first met her when she was in her first year, and recently I got to photograph her recent session in San Francisco to celebrate her college graduation. Congratulations on getting your license (in……..) and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Sutra Bath

Bay Area Graduation Photographer | ByLorena Photography

The Gold Jar & Depth of the field

What do you do when you have a lot of work to do, but your little plant that survived a big move is sad, and is asking for attention?

Put your work aside and have some little details to brighten your day!

I am sure you have some paints around, also a jar... remember put some pebbles on the bottom before the soil, and pint it using paper taping technique for a "modern" look and for having fun.

Awww! It looks so cute on the Philippe Starck stool

Photography Tip: Do you remember that I always have a camera with a wifi card? Yes, my small camera is for these tiny things that makes me happy! The photos go directly to my phone, and because my tiny apartment is still a mess from the moving, I open the aperture A LOT (f /1.4), so... I can have depth of the field, and you can’t see the mess on the background! But also, it can create an interesting focus, and make more attractive a simple subject that you want to talk about. 

Original Work

[Packaging - Bay Area Contemporary Photographer]

Each photograph we deliver to our clients has a Print Certificate. These certificates have information about the photographic paper, and my handwritten signature is there too.

My favorite professional paper is Fuji Deep Matte Paper. It gives a beautiful pure white, and a smooth and elegant matte finish. I am still working on an archival coating layer to protect the art even more.

Cada fotografía que nosotros entregamos a nuestros clientes tiene un Certificado de Impresión. Estos certificados tiene infromación acerca del tipo de papel fotográfico, y también mi firma a mano.

Mi papel profesional favorito es el Fuji Mate. Este papel da un blanco muy puro y bellísimo, sin texturas y acabo mate muy elegante. Estoy todavía trabajando en una cubierta de conservación para proteger aún más la pieza de arte.

What is in my pink bag?

When you see me, weather I am in a "formal" shoot or not, and I am wearing this small pink bag

or this black bag 

Don't think I have nothing there. Most of the days I have all of those things inside...

Manytimes I don't have the pocket-wizard in, and the 50mm is also not showed because I was taking the photo with that. The 35 mm is the 80% of the time with me.

I also have a big bag when I need to put more stuff like the laptop, diffusers etc., but the big one isn't on my shoulder 15 hours per day :) It rests in a corner. 

The black one is most used during the formal shoots, and the everyday is the pink for now.

What is in your bag?

Idea Recycled

Do you have a Photoshoot and Orange doesn't match your style? Let's be creative and use others colors!

Last year, I had reused the pumpkins of Halloween as decoration for those few days that we had to pass at home, before we travelled to Florida for the Holidays.

I thought, I could show you this idea for Halloween too. I just used a spray bottle I had and put paper to protect the floor.

Orange didn't match with the color palette of my home last year, and it doesn't right now either. This year, I am thinking in painting pumpkins too, probably with pastel colors.

What are you preparing for Halloween?

¿Tienes una sesión de fotos y el naranja no combina con tu estilo? ¡Seamos creativos y a usar otros colores! 

 El año pasado yo rehusé las calabazas de Halloween como decoración para esos pocos días que íbamos a pasar en casa antes de nuestro viajo a Florida por las Fiestas. He pensado es una buena idea para Halloween también. Simplemente usé una botella de pintura en spray que tenía, y usé papel para proteger el suelo. El color naranja no combinaba con mi paleta de colores el año pasado, pero tampoco este año. Estoy pensando en pintar calabazas también, quizás esta vez con colores pasteles. 

¿Qué estás preparando para Halloween? 

Being Lost Doesn't Mean Anything When You Find A Treasure!

Yesterday, I didn't have a phone to find the "best" way to go back home (I am new to the Petaluma area)... So, while I was "lost" I found the "Old adobe road" and smiled, I knew I was actually pretty close to home... Then I saw a bunch of Dahlias, and wanted to stop, but I was going in the other direction, tried to get back (something not too easy in that road, because you need to wait a lot of time until you can see no-cars in both directions). Nobody was there, just flowers and my static body thinking how beautiful is the life in colors. Then I saw a woman, with a sun hat picking flowers up... Rosa, the owner of this family bussines, who told me come in and enjoy it... Probably Aztec Dahlias is well known in the area, but to me everything is new. I will be back for sure... I love local businesses and I love Dahlias.

A Day in San Francisco Looking For Eye-glasses

Last Sunday we had a quick trip to San Francisco with the main idea to find "finally" the eyeglasses for Lino... It started in a fast stop in Starbucks, then we went to SEEeyewear in Market St. (which we loved so much, you will see it in the photos), walked to the mall to eat, and stop for a cupcake... back in Petaluma we needed to make our grocery shopping in Trader Joe's.

And we got another photo for our Urban Levitation project! :)

We love San Francisco... It's incredible Lino now can noticed the difference... "Mom... Are we in Downtown San Francisco? I love it mom, buildings are big!"

Yes... it's me! The person always behind the camera

Then Lino tried a lot of glasses...

I think, he took the decision!

Then stop with the street music and for a cupcake too.

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