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This is my window display installed at @copperfieldspetaluma, and if you are around, say hi... you will get all the good vibes I put into it!

. A photograph is the final product of a long process. Sometimes that photograph is on a wall (family) or in a website (personal branding), but in any case it has been the result of a process. . The layers that make it looks as an objective, an old camera lens, or a white gallery inspiration building from Richard Meier, or that installation by Emilio Ambaz that I adored 30 years ago, are that process I use to get the result, or that perspective I put when I photograph people life and style from my architectonic eyes. . Sebastião Salgado says “I very much like to work on long-term projects. There is time for the photographer and the people in front of the camera to understand each other. There is time to go to a place and understand what is happening there. When you spend more time on a project, you learn to understand your subjects. There comes a time when it is not you who is taking the pictures. Something special happens between the photographer and the people he is photographing. He realizes that they are giving the pictures to him." . At the end, only ONE photo that was not easy to select and that I will change every week. . Lifestyle Photography is connection, is spaciality, lifestyle photography is color, is a story, is all about you, our connection and your space. . . . #LifestylePhotographer #BrandingPhotographer #PetalumaCA

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My window display this week has a new photograph featured. A beautiful mom, yoga instructor and best person in this world that makes shiner everything around.

Photograph (30x20) was printed in professional photographic matte paper (the one I always use, because it is insanely beautiful and brings the whites exactly as I like it) and in my favorite professional lab, photo was matted at the local framer @alfaframeo with a little more space in the bottom, it is museum quality as everything I use when I deliver my photos, it was not framed because it was intended for the installation.

I added one voucher to the display. Email me a photo and you will receive your voucher $$$ toward your next personal branding or lifestyle photo session! ;)

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F-O-U-R triangles.

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When a woman is in her space, she is confident, strong, calm, but also curious about everything that is coming to enjoy in the following years.

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