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Petaluma Lifestyle | Family Session

ByLorena Photography

When Karen called me to schedule a photo session for her family, she had something clear… “my kids cannot be more than 30 minutes in a photo session…. they are shy”. During the time that you have three kids in ages of 2, 4 and 6, you really want to capture them in their own environment, you want real memories, you want photos that talk about them and tell their story…

We decided then to do the session at their place, and what a better location for a family! Also, all the excitement of being the center of attention for the camera can be turned into another play date. So we had 3 boys in their comfortable space. I knew I needed to be fast, I knew I had to run fast, I knew I had to have the camera in super high speed no matter how much could be my ISO!

This session was scheduled for after school, just before the winter sunset. That is their family blanket, their antique tricycle, the stick fight with their dad… They are real, this is how they live and these 30 minutes represent pretty well their life and style. We started with the formal photo for grandma, and then Karen wanted them in their tricycle, doing what they do everyday…

The older boy being the driver, he controlled more of the situation, he likes and knew how to look at the camera as a boss. The middle one is confident, but he prefers to follow his older brother, and when something isn't going the way he likes, he asks mom for help… He is serene, with always a smile on his face. The little one has a depth eyes, he knows what he wants to be, he is fascinated about the world around him.

Dad is funny, he plays the boy stuff. Mom is patient, caring and extraordinary sweet… She adores her boys, she adores memories, and tradition. Their house is full of life, books and toys for all ages. It’s a mix of decades you can smell as your find a dresser from their grandparents filled of legos, star wars, and tranformers… and the armoires that remind us the story of this Californian family mixed with the flavor of home cooked pasta and European wine.