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The Gold Jar & Depth of the field

What do you do when you have a lot of work to do, but your little plant that survived a big move is sad, and is asking for attention?

Put your work aside and have some little details to brighten your day!

I am sure you have some paints around, also a jar... remember put some pebbles on the bottom before the soil, and pint it using paper taping technique for a "modern" look and for having fun.

Awww! It looks so cute on the Philippe Starck stool

Photography Tip: Do you remember that I always have a camera with a wifi card? Yes, my small camera is for these tiny things that makes me happy! The photos go directly to my phone, and because my tiny apartment is still a mess from the moving, I open the aperture A LOT (f /1.4), so... I can have depth of the field, and you can’t see the mess on the background! But also, it can create an interesting focus, and make more attractive a simple subject that you want to talk about. 

Idea Recycled

Do you have a Photoshoot and Orange doesn't match your style? Let's be creative and use others colors!

Last year, I had reused the pumpkins of Halloween as decoration for those few days that we had to pass at home, before we travelled to Florida for the Holidays.

I thought, I could show you this idea for Halloween too. I just used a spray bottle I had and put paper to protect the floor.

Orange didn't match with the color palette of my home last year, and it doesn't right now either. This year, I am thinking in painting pumpkins too, probably with pastel colors.

What are you preparing for Halloween?

¿Tienes una sesión de fotos y el naranja no combina con tu estilo? ¡Seamos creativos y a usar otros colores! 

 El año pasado yo rehusé las calabazas de Halloween como decoración para esos pocos días que íbamos a pasar en casa antes de nuestro viajo a Florida por las Fiestas. He pensado es una buena idea para Halloween también. Simplemente usé una botella de pintura en spray que tenía, y usé papel para proteger el suelo. El color naranja no combinaba con mi paleta de colores el año pasado, pero tampoco este año. Estoy pensando en pintar calabazas también, quizás esta vez con colores pasteles. 

¿Qué estás preparando para Halloween?