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-What do you do here? -he asked-

-I am here to meet you -The gentlemen answered to Lino-

And they were talking bellow this tree while little leaves were falling down. . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #Thankful

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Back to WORK! My happy desk is ready!

Welcome 2017! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife

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Photo for @playgroundgourmet, because it is 2017 and school are back!

Which container keeps food crunchy and have been used for 3 years now? @ecolunchbox of course! Do you have another favorite container for the kiddos? . . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #PlaygroundGourmetProject

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First lunchbox of a new school year!

. . #PlaygroundGourmetProject . . @playgroundgourmet #tamales #ecolunchboxes #lifestylePhotographerLife

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Beauty is around us, sometimes in the most ordinary and everyday things. It's the way you look at it (a.k.a, the way you compose and harmonize it with your life). Also, fresh herbs and the garlic from the farm, and what are you able to make from it!

. . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #onMyTable

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Thinking about this beautiful Lifestyle photo session in our Sonoma County with one of my favorite families before the fire, and those sunrises while we are getting ready for school.

Tomorrow most of our schools will resume classes, and I know we will support with love to those who are relocated and need to start in a new school district. To those tired parents who have been evacuated, to all the firefighter's families that are still working for keeping us safe. To all our community stay strong because "The love in the air is thicker than the smoke" . . . #StrongSonoma #BeautifulSonomaCounty #FamilyFirst