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It's how part of a Lifestyle and A Day In The Life Of photo session looks like and why I love what I do. I want every family can see and recognize them self in 50 years while passing the pages of an album. I want my son explain to his grandchild one day h

@bylorenaphotography. . . #LifestylePhotography #ADayInTheLifeOf

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-What do you do here? -he asked-

-I am here to meet you -The gentlemen answered to Lino-

And they were talking bellow this tree while little leaves were falling down. . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #Thankful

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Our fascinating winter in California!

. . . #lifestyle #lifestylePhotographerLife

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Back to WORK! My happy desk is ready!

Welcome 2017! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife

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Photo for @playgroundgourmet, because it is 2017 and school are back!

Which container keeps food crunchy and have been used for 3 years now? @ecolunchbox of course! Do you have another favorite container for the kiddos? . . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #PlaygroundGourmetProject

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Father & Son

. . . . #ByLorenaPhotography #LifestyleWeddings

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It has been raining for many days now that I have canceled some photo shoots that weren't planned in that way, but many others are indoor and I have had to start earlier or bringing some strobes and reflectors if needed and we get a great mood, but outdoo

Some of the photos from this lifestyle photo shoot in San Francisco are now available for licensing in CavanImages. Model: @preetiinpink: Thank you for coming all the way to the Bay Area! . . . @bylorenaphotography #LifestylePhotography #cavanImages #pink

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Any background can be a great background, but it is even better when it means something for you! A beautiful and fresh lifestyle photo session is being culled and edited now @graciijane !

. . . #LifestylePhotography #ByLorenaPhotography

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It's Camera Day and even when the camera doesn't make the photographer, a photographer needs a camera to make photos. Erich Fromm says "I need you because I love you, I don't love you because I need you". But I love and I need my camera.

I'm a canon girl and an iPhone shooter! (which I think, it is a different relationship than boys with their gears). What about you? What is your partner in love? What is your camera? What do you use for shooting? I'd love to hear all from you pro, semi pro, hobbits, amateur, bloggers, lovers, mom, dads... Also, feel free to make questions! . . . #TBT #CameraDay #CanonGirl #LifestylePhotographer

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When it's closed and you die to get inside... a good strategic because it looks as if I want to come back again...

. . . #iPhone #lifestylePhotographerLife #scouting #Bakery #westCoast

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First lunchbox of a new school year!

. . #PlaygroundGourmetProject . . @playgroundgourmet #tamales #ecolunchboxes #lifestylePhotographerLife

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I am super lucky! As a photographer, I get to know many worlds, but looking throughout this little precious girl was an authentic pleasure. She and her brothers taught me all their cows, chickens and part of their every day... How to live on a farm and be

I am also double lucky because these big blue eyes connected with the camera and I feel as if all that gave us both, some new unforgotten memories. @bylorenaphotography . . . #FarmGirl #FarmLifestyle #LifestylePhotographer

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She will always be the princess of the house!

And between us, she is a master making pasta and pizza! Bravo for families who share traditions! . . . #LifestylePhotography #ItalianAmerican

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That serenity on every firm step accompanied of a sweet and soft footprint, makes me fall in love when photographing these adults.

Too much to say but instead, they get back to you with a smile, without hurries and with another smile.

I wanna sit next to them, put my head on their shoulder and brief at the same rhythm. I want them to be my life coach, my other mom, my psychology, my business adviser... They are beautiful, not because what they say, but for what they don't... for the way they move, and for that shining shadow they leave on their way! . . . #PersonalBranding @bylorenaphotography #LifestylePhotographer

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Since I was a teenager I was the one in the family making the decorations, Xmas three and soon did it for the family friends. I am still the one that receives face calls asking for ideas, what color to use on their new child nursery or helping with a desi


But from far away that I have loved the most is photographing my friends, and become a friend to those I will photograph. So, photographing them in beautiful spaces have been a dream and what I was born for, it's a journal that has been growing with and thanks to my friends. . . .

#PersonalBrandingPhotographer #LifestylePhotographer #LifestylePhotographerLife

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Beauty is around us, sometimes in the most ordinary and everyday things. It's the way you look at it (a.k.a, the way you compose and harmonize it with your life). Also, fresh herbs and the garlic from the farm, and what are you able to make from it!

. . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #onMyTable

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Thinking about this beautiful Lifestyle photo session in our Sonoma County with one of my favorite families before the fire, and those sunrises while we are getting ready for school.

Tomorrow most of our schools will resume classes, and I know we will support with love to those who are relocated and need to start in a new school district. To those tired parents who have been evacuated, to all the firefighter's families that are still working for keeping us safe. To all our community stay strong because "The love in the air is thicker than the smoke" . . . #StrongSonoma #BeautifulSonomaCounty #FamilyFirst

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I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family! Do you know why new parents fill your feed with photos? Because those are the most incredible moments we could experience... and yes, I know it's scary, I know some of you might feel as if life ha

. . . #lifestylePhotographer #ModernLifestylePhotography

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I have the honor of discovering through many other eyes. Life is such a beautiful journal and I cannot find a better way for looking at it than using my camara to get into yours. Thank you Vane for letting me to be part of your world!

. . . #LifestylePhotographer #SurfingGirl

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