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The Gold Jar & Depth of the field

What do you do when you have a lot of work to do, but your little plant that survived a big move is sad, and is asking for attention?

Put your work aside and have some little details to brighten your day!

I am sure you have some paints around, also a jar... remember put some pebbles on the bottom before the soil, and pint it using paper taping technique for a "modern" look and for having fun.

Awww! It looks so cute on the Philippe Starck stool

Photography Tip: Do you remember that I always have a camera with a wifi card? Yes, my small camera is for these tiny things that makes me happy! The photos go directly to my phone, and because my tiny apartment is still a mess from the moving, I open the aperture A LOT (f /1.4), so... I can have depth of the field, and you can’t see the mess on the background! But also, it can create an interesting focus, and make more attractive a simple subject that you want to talk about. 

What is in my pink bag?

When you see me, weather I am in a "formal" shoot or not, and I am wearing this small pink bag

or this black bag 

Don't think I have nothing there. Most of the days I have all of those things inside...

Manytimes I don't have the pocket-wizard in, and the 50mm is also not showed because I was taking the photo with that. The 35 mm is the 80% of the time with me.

I also have a big bag when I need to put more stuff like the laptop, diffusers etc., but the big one isn't on my shoulder 15 hours per day :) It rests in a corner. 

The black one is most used during the formal shoots, and the everyday is the pink for now.

What is in your bag?