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One Photo Lino | One Photo Every Day

One year ago I started a project with my child. It was taking a photo every day, in a simple, easy setup at home. I wanted to teach him consistency and also how $1 per photo was nothing in the beginning but little-by-little it was going to be a… Read more

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Father & Son

. . . . #ByLorenaPhotography #LifestyleWeddings

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When the Golden Hour meets Sonoma County in a Spring Photo Session!

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My clients are honest, authentic, super cool and hot ;)

I love working with them! Isn't our Post office in Petaluma beautiful? . . . #ILOVEmyJob

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I'm all about Brown shoes and not white socks!

Are you with me? . . . #lifestyleweddingphotography #ByLorenasLove

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Summer in the North Bay has an incredible scenery.

After a wedding I walked out to my car... How can't I even stop to snap a photo of this poem that was talking to me? Those lines and those clouds were talking very loud. “Your eye must see a composition or an expression that life itself offers you, and you must know with intuition when to click the camera.” #cartierbresson . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #Sunset #SonomaCounty

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First lunchbox of a new school year!

. . #PlaygroundGourmetProject . . @playgroundgourmet #tamales #ecolunchboxes #lifestylePhotographerLife

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I don't do mini-sessions but, are you looking for one?

. I have a great opportunity for you to be in an Ad and also get your Xmas photo during a week in October! Limited space.- . You will receive a 90% off for a short photo session in your house, family business, office or your backyard with the sign of a commercial model release! .

Do you want more information? Give me your email! @bylorenaphotography . . . #SanFrancisco #MarinCounty #SonomaCounty #Berkeley

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Beauty is around us, sometimes in the most ordinary and everyday things. It's the way you look at it (a.k.a, the way you compose and harmonize it with your life). Also, fresh herbs and the garlic from the farm, and what are you able to make from it!

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