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A Day in San Francisco Looking For Eye-glasses

Last Sunday we had a quick trip to San Francisco with the main idea to find "finally" the eyeglasses for Lino... It started in a fast stop in Starbucks, then we went to SEEeyewear in Market St. (which we loved so much, you will see it in the photos), walked to the mall to eat, and stop for a cupcake... back in Petaluma we needed to make our grocery shopping in Trader Joe's.

And we got another photo for our Urban Levitation project! :)

We love San Francisco... It's incredible Lino now can noticed the difference... "Mom... Are we in Downtown San Francisco? I love it mom, buildings are big!"

Yes... it's me! The person always behind the camera

Then Lino tried a lot of glasses...

I think, he took the decision!

Then stop with the street music and for a cupcake too.