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Behind the scenes

Over the last year, we shoot in many places, in beautiful homes, businesses or under the NorCal sunsets. We sketched photo shoots, designed displays and installations with your photographs; we made 1:1 models, created color palettes and designed albums; printed photographs, matted and cropped them at home to review quality. We helped to create family memories while captured many contemporary lifestyles, we helped brands to have more authentic adds. From a wedding to families to a commercial assignment, we put our passions and heart into every photographic project

Petaluma Lifestyle | Family Session

ByLorena Photography

When Karen called me to schedule a photo session for her family, she had something clear… “my kids cannot be more than 30 minutes in a photo session…. they are shy”. During the time that you have three kids in ages of 2, 4 and 6, you really want to capture them in their own environment, you want real memories, you want photos that talk about them and tell their story…

We decided then to do the session at their place, and what a better location for a family! Also, all the excitement of being the center of attention for the camera can be turned into another play date. So we had 3 boys in their comfortable space. I knew I needed to be fast, I knew I had to run fast, I knew I had to have the camera in super high speed no matter how much could be my ISO!

This session was scheduled for after school, just before the winter sunset. That is their family blanket, their antique tricycle, the stick fight with their dad… They are real, this is how they live and these 30 minutes represent pretty well their life and style. We started with the formal photo for grandma, and then Karen wanted them in their tricycle, doing what they do everyday…

The older boy being the driver, he controlled more of the situation, he likes and knew how to look at the camera as a boss. The middle one is confident, but he prefers to follow his older brother, and when something isn't going the way he likes, he asks mom for help… He is serene, with always a smile on his face. The little one has a depth eyes, he knows what he wants to be, he is fascinated about the world around him.

Dad is funny, he plays the boy stuff. Mom is patient, caring and extraordinary sweet… She adores her boys, she adores memories, and tradition. Their house is full of life, books and toys for all ages. It’s a mix of decades you can smell as your find a dresser from their grandparents filled of legos, star wars, and tranformers… and the armoires that remind us the story of this Californian family mixed with the flavor of home cooked pasta and European wine.

 Newborn Lifestyle | Petaluma At-home Photo Session 

Meet Ella

Ella was 1 month old, perfect, healthy and always hungry. She was in a cloud when her mom was breastfeeding her, and she was silent and secure on her dad’s hands. Her parents are young, kind and sweet with each other, they look like best friends trying to discover every minute, every challenge with their new rol as a mommy and a daddy. They do it together and I know they are going to continue being a good role model.

When we had the lifestyle photo session, they were moving out in few days and I had the opportunity to meet grandma and grandpa some days before. While we were meeting and getting ready for the photo session, they were a great support, helping and loving Ella too. Grandma helped to choose the outfits, and we were so excited while making this happen. I could understand why mom is such a sweet person and beautiful… like baby Ella is and will be when she grows up.

We started the session around 11 am, dad with his work outfit, the first he wanted to do was to hug his little baby girl, then he made pancakes, and mom put the table…Then breastfeeding Ella, changed her diaper, rocked her, nursed again, diaper changed again and so on… Healthy kids look like they eat a lot, right? Since they were in Petaluma, I visited them next day to capture Ella sleeping, and it was so interesting... different light, different mood, then I felt our lifestyle and documentation photo session was completely captured.

While I am doing these sessions, I am always thinking on 50 years from now… I image them passing the album, page by page and smile… and see how mom seemed, what they were eating, how was their first coach, but specially how much love they had.

Check out what was inside the album!

Photo Album | Newborn | ByLorena Photography from byLorena on Vimeo.

 Because November is Special: Mini Photo Sessions!

Feeling thankful and happy… November is my favorite month. It is colorful in Petaluma—oranges, reds, yellows, and some pink too… Christmas lights appear, and Halloween is already over! We are finishing our busiest month—editing summer sessions. No more 15-hour weddings on weekends, the kids are set-up in their new classrooms, and we start thinking about our new year's resolutions (so no dieting until January)... We are more relaxed and at our happiest.

 If you don’t have your family photo session booked for the holidays, we still have many options for you!

 {Mini-Sessions on November 22nd} 
9am-6pm in Petaluma, CA 


• 40-minute photo session 

• 10 digital files (choose from 20 in an online gallery) 

• 25 holiday cards 

• $440* 

• 30-minute photo session 

• 5 digital files (choose from 10 in an online gallery) 

• 25 holiday cards 

• $300 * 

• 20-minute photo session 

• 3 digital files (choose from 10 in an online gallery) 

• $225

• 15-minute photo session 

• one digital file (choose from 5 in an online gallery) 

• one 8x10 print, matted to 11x14 

• $190* 

Just announced, so we'll be booked fast! Please email me at lorena@bylorena.com to book your session ASAP. 

Option to buy all the digital files in the gallery, holiday cards, 8x10 print matted to 11x14, and wooden box with all the prints. 

*Sale taxes may apply and are not included in these prices.   

The Modern Family

[San Francisco Family Photographer] 

A session of a very beautiful family... Lucky me! This couple with two children, are one of those people that you can see right through them, beautiful, young, natural, friendly, smart and shy. I am lucky to know and have them in my life since my son, and their son were 4 months old...

Family | ByLorena Photography

It was December, and the date for sending Holiday cards was approaching... So we did prepare the cards, and only those photos that were going on it... Four months later, I have started playing again to deliver the rest of the photos, and how have I enjoyed it! To tell you the truth, it was difficult to choose from so many beautiful photos to remember.

The guys play the guitar, the girls listen to them... Alex looks at his father, he admires him and tries to repeat the notes. The little one runs, still have trouble understanding why she has to stay two minutes in one place.

Then we went to Crissy Field to sent a letter from Alex to Santa, but this time Crissy Field is not the same as always... There was the installation of Mark di Suvero as red as the Golden Gate Bridge, as one of the Alex's balloons, and as the color of Christmas.

There wasn't so much fog as we usually find in San Francisco, but the same cold. The noses began to be too red as the "Mother Peace" sculpture where the four of them sat cuddled... We tried to catch Santa's balloons (task not easy in San Francisco) but we managed to capture one of the symbols of this city, and that is part of this family.

Una sesión de una familia muy guapa.... ¡Qué suerte tengo! Pero además, esta pareja (y sus dos niños) son de esas personas que uno puede ver a través de ellos, bellos, jóvenes, tímidos, naturales, inteligentes. Tengo la suerte de tenerlos en mi vida y conocerles desde que mi hijo y el suyo tenían 4 meses...

Era diciembre y se acercaba la fecha de enviar las tarjetas de las fiestas... Así lo hicimos, preparamos las tarjetas y sólo las fotos que iban a ir en ellas... Cuatro meses después, ¡cómo he disfrutado! mientras preparaba el resto de las fotos para entregárselas. La verdad fue difícil seleccionar.... así que surgieron muchas fotos para el recuerdo. Los chicos tocan la guitarra, las chicas les escuchan... Alex mira a su padre, le admira y trata de repetir las notas. La pequeñaja corre, aún no entiende bien el quedarse 2 minutos en un sitio.

Fuimos luego a Chrissy Field para enviar la carta de Alex a Santa, pero esta vez Crissy Field no es el mismo de siempre... Allí estaba la instalación de Mark di Suvero con sus esculturas tan rojas como el Golden Gate Bridge, como uno de los globos de Alex y como el color de navidad.

No había tanta neblina como suele haber en San Francisco, pero sí el mismo frío... las narices comenzaron a ponerse también rojas como la escultura de Mother Peace donde se sentaron abrazados los cuatro... Intentamos agarrar los globos de Santa (tarea no fácil en San Francisco) pero logramos capturar uno de los símbolos de esta ciudad y que es parte de esta familia.

A very special music for them