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New Presets ByLorena

Big news for my friends and clients! I have adapted my own food presets for you and are now available! So, anyone can use them on their phones and edit anywhere. After installation, it is just one button to edit your photos!

I have used almost all the apps in the market for editing, and have decided to use in this case Lightroom for you to use my presets (some people call it filters) as it is the most similar to what a professional photographer uses, but the mobile version is simplified and it is free. So, you just will need to download the Lightroom app and install my presets. After that, each time you want to edit a photo, open Lightroom, click on the preset that you want and adjust the light (up if it is too dark or down if it is too bright, but only if needed).

This is perfect for my personal branding clients and lifestyle or food bloggers. These presets are professional looking, timeless, elegant and have that little pinkish that you can see on my own photos. This was created for any level and to simplify your life while will be giving to your photos similar looking and coherency.

My first collection of presets created is for FOOD. Look at the greens, you will find that my presets give you the options of having greens more cooler or warmer depending on what you want for that picture you are editing. So, if you are someone that love taking photos of food, or a coach, a nutritionist, a wellness expert, a lifestyle blogger, a traveler, the owner of a restaurant these are perfect for you... also they can work very well with products and interiors (just try them...)

Please notice that this is only a filter, a good photo is defined by many other facts. Light, composition, and the story behind.


What do you need?

1.- You will need to install the Free Lightroom app (it is an app from Adobe and it is free for the phone or tablets).

• Apple: Download it from Apple Store if you have an iPhone or iPad (It supports Apple 9iOS 10 and later).

• Download it from Google Play if you have an Android ( 5.x (Lollipop) and later.

2.- Install the 5 presets (do you need to do this the first time). After you have purchased the Preset Collection, you will receive a zip file with 5 PNG images (yes, you will receive 5 presets this time "Presets ByLorena FOOD" and a guide of how to install and how to use them.  Personally, I will send them to my first buyers by email. Please contact me if you have any questions, I am super excited to launch my first group of preset and I want them to be very helpful for you!

To Purchase Presets ByLorena food click on here or just email me for other options: lorena@bylorena.com.