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 Newborn Lifestyle | Petaluma At-home Photo Session 

Meet Ella

Ella was 1 month old, perfect, healthy and always hungry. She was in a cloud when her mom was breastfeeding her, and she was silent and secure on her dad’s hands. Her parents are young, kind and sweet with each other, they look like best friends trying to discover every minute, every challenge with their new rol as a mommy and a daddy. They do it together and I know they are going to continue being a good role model.

When we had the lifestyle photo session, they were moving out in few days and I had the opportunity to meet grandma and grandpa some days before. While we were meeting and getting ready for the photo session, they were a great support, helping and loving Ella too. Grandma helped to choose the outfits, and we were so excited while making this happen. I could understand why mom is such a sweet person and beautiful… like baby Ella is and will be when she grows up.

We started the session around 11 am, dad with his work outfit, the first he wanted to do was to hug his little baby girl, then he made pancakes, and mom put the table…Then breastfeeding Ella, changed her diaper, rocked her, nursed again, diaper changed again and so on… Healthy kids look like they eat a lot, right? Since they were in Petaluma, I visited them next day to capture Ella sleeping, and it was so interesting... different light, different mood, then I felt our lifestyle and documentation photo session was completely captured.

While I am doing these sessions, I am always thinking on 50 years from now… I image them passing the album, page by page and smile… and see how mom seemed, what they were eating, how was their first coach, but specially how much love they had.

Check out what was inside the album!

Photo Album | Newborn | ByLorena Photography from byLorena on Vimeo.