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One Photo Lino | One Photo Every Day

One year ago I started a project with my child. It was taking a photo every day, in a simple, easy setup at home. I wanted to teach him consistency and also how $1 per photo was nothing in the beginning but little-by-little it was going to be a significant amount for him and a lesson for his life.

My child is not famous for wanting to save or for keeping long term projects, like every kid, he needs to see the result immediately, but this time it worked, he is excited on getting one dollar for every photo that he can't actually spend until his birthday (I keep $1 bills and give him after the shoot then he adds on a home-based piggy bank).

Even when we didn't get the 150 photos (I share custody and he is back and forth from houses), he got excited yesterday (on his birthday) when he counted and, after his Birthday Party, we went to downtown and he was available to buy a used Xbox. He called immediately super proud "Dad, look what I bought with my own money and I worked my butt off for it". Now, for the first time in his life he is asking me for more "job" and wants to continue our project for another year, and maybe this time we will get really one photo every day and all the 150 expected, and maybe he can buy a new Xbox (and I have one year to convince him on a better choice! :). The best of all? My pre-teen is letting his photographer-mom continue making her job of wanted to photograph him ;) Win! Win!

The idea is to create a giant collage for the wall and so, every year... I will be making a post of how I am using the photos and how I will print it professionally. They are not fully edited more than just passed to black and white... They are not perfect, but all together are a beautiful composition and a special time that we will cherish forever. 

The setup was simple, I used two big foam boards (bough in art-supplies stores)  taped to make an "L", on the left I have a wall and a window, I used just a little of the window part as a light over his back and hair and used a white foam board (sometimes) on the front to reflex some light on his eyes... all super easy, homemade, we took just 5 photos each time,  2 minutes shoot and usually after bed or before school.  The project is called #onePhotoLino and #onePhotoDay. Let me know if you would like to try it and I would love to see it... Feel free to ask any questions, I could make more posts to explain more, but today, I am exhausted, with summer and the busy wedding season, and his home-made birthday party.!

Check out some of my favorite photos, the first one is from July 2018 and last was in July 2019.

Enjoy a slideshow with all the photos taken from July 2018 until July 2019 - 

Here you have a BTS ( a photo straight of the camera), you can see the set-up (when I open the foam boards that I keep folded on the wall), the window is on the left, and a stool where he sits.