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One Photo Lino | One Photo Every Day

One year ago I started a project with my child. It was taking a photo every day, in a simple, easy setup at home. I wanted to teach him consistency and also how $1 per photo was nothing in the beginning but little-by-little it was going to be a… Read more

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The Generation With No Photos

My new phone has 256 GB (the same as RAM memory on my MacBook air) so can you imagine how many images I can take with my phone of my son? A lot. So, by the time he meets the love of his life, and get married, what photos will I show out of millions I hav Read more

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Recomendaciones para el día de tu propuesta

¡Felicidades en tu propuesta! Seguro llevas muchísimo tiempo preparando el momento, por eso documentarlo y fotografiarlo debe ser una de tus prioridades a la hora de planear ese día. ¿Cuántas veces no quisiéramos saber la cara que colocamos, o… Read more