Lifestyle documentation of a day in your Life

A Day In The Life, I spend a day with you documenting what your day looks like. My goal is to help you make memories of those little details of your life and style. It's an unvalued gift for the future generations.

We are going to photograph the best of you, I will help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, we will meet before the shoot, I will help you through everything and scout the best spots of your preferences. We will plan the best of your days together. You will recognize yourself in 50 years through the photos delivered, and I will make sure you receive museum-quality pieces that I will mount and supervise myself for long last life.

After the photo session, I will help you to select the images for your album that is included in the package, and if you are going to frame photos, I will help you to visualize and design where in your house the photos will look the best. Along with photography, I have worked my whole life in interior architecture and lifestyle, I am a color expert and I really enjoy all the process from getting to know you to install your family photo-pieces on the wall. Studios have recognized how beneficial is for children to see themselves in photographs, and I believe we don't need to have only classic and posed portraits as art pieces on the wall. Contemporary houses will look beautiful with a modern photographic art of your family and yourself.

A Day in The Life | San Rafael , CA from ByLorena on Vimeo.

In this slideshow, the music was selected by the family. Joan Manuel Serrat (a favorite Spaniard singer of the father's childhood) and Alberto Cortez (an Argentinan-Spaniard singer and author favorited for the family too).

A Day in the Life of the Gómez Family from ByLorena on Vimeo.

What a Beautiful Day in The Life of this one-year-old celebration!

A Day in The Life of a Family in San Francisco from ByLorena on Vimeo.

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