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Our beautiful town of Petaluma was the scenery for this local family photo session a few months ago.

My favorite photo sessions are those that will remain on you a memory of a moment. So, my favorites are in-home sessions or in the city that you live. Every session is unique to you!

If you are interested in documenting your family with a modern lifestyle photo session or a short session just for the holidays, book a free call consultation with me to know more. If you were affected by the fires, please let me know! . . . #LifestylePhotographer

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Such a beautiful couple this mom and dad! Not only that, she is the sweetest photographer ever and as a photographer you know that is a treasure to be in the photos with your family! Thank you @andreafriedman82 for being a gorgeous person, a "paisana", a

#sneakpeek . . . #LifestylePhotographer #RealLove

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I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family! Do you know why new parents fill your feed with photos? Because those are the most incredible moments we could experience... and yes, I know it's scary, I know some of you might feel as if life ha

. . . #lifestylePhotographer #ModernLifestylePhotography

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Last week, I got to photograph this beautiful family in their incredible place (a dream farm).

Then I had dinner with them and many conversations and smiles around the table! What a pretty experience! Thank you @marcevivefeliz @arianaluna11 !! . . . #sneakpeek #LifestylePhotographer

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I have the honor of discovering through many other eyes. Life is such a beautiful journal and I cannot find a better way for looking at it than using my camara to get into yours. Thank you Vane for letting me to be part of your world!

. . . #LifestylePhotographer #SurfingGirl

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Such of a special photo session when it is to announce I am going to have my first niece!

Thank you @rockinrosayyy and @dffernandez for gifting us with this beautiful news! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #IWillBeAnAunt

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Because this magic instant is not back but only in photos.

Loved that evening full of cuddles, cooking and family smell.

This Thanksgiving weekend, you will have the opportunity to purchase photo sessions, personal branding sessions and more with an incredible special price. Stay tuned for this Friday! . . . #LifestylePhotography #BlackFriday #FamilyLove

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She is one of the first friends I met in the Bay Area 10 years ago. But that was not the first time we could be living in the same area, she had lived in Venezuela when I was living in Venezuela, and she was living in Roma when I was living in Madrid... T

I am always very proud to say she speaks in local, perfect Spanish with no accent, it is what her mom speaks to her, while she asks her in Italian. She is my friend, she has beautiful taste, loves architecture and furniture design like me, she is an amazing mom, and the one I ask to explain me about international politic, pasta and how to manage my time. I am very thankful for my friend who speaks in 5 or 6 languages and I am always very very proud of her. Thank you @antomasters por tu amistad! . . . #ThanksfullForMyFriends #LifestylePhotographerLife

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