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There is something I love and it is spending time with people who can tell you many things about their lives. People who have traveled, and have lived their days, then their houses are a reflection of who they are, full of souvenirs from every moment liv

I have now a calling for senior citizen couples. Photos will be submitted to my premium stock agency. If you are in San Francisco and North Bay, would like to be probably in an Advertising then email me: Lorena@ByLorena.com (in return you will receive the digital photos and a fun day where you both are the stars). . . . #LifestylePhotographer #LifestylePassion

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Those moments of our young ages exploring the world and transforming realities are worth to be photographed, and remembered for the next generations!

Our Lifestyle Photo Sessions (and packages): Day in The Life Of are 40 and 60% off when you book now and before March 15th. for a day on 2017.-Email for details. . . . #adayinthelife #lifestyle #lifestylePhotographer

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This is the generation with fewer photos! More photographs, please!!

As a commercial and lifestyle photographer, but also as a mom, I talk about how to preserve memories, my first blog post after a long period. I'd love to know what do you think! Read about it on my blog (Link in profile ) or by visiting bylorena.com blog Do you think like I do that this generation is the one with fewer pics? . . . #LifestylePhotographer #PrintMatters #Archival

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Because Love is what you will feel in 50 years while passing the pages of an album that will bring back the memories of when you were the little dad's baby.

Few more days until this special ends. "A Day in the Life" photo sessions which include a museum quality album custom-designed, all 300+ digital files from 10 hours or 24 hours sessions (plus consultation, preparation, interior styling, wardrobe etc) are 40% and 60% off when you book before March 15 (for a day in your life in 2017).- this is a unique opportunity for the San Francisco Bay Area. Destinations also available.

Then stay tuned for a new special we are working on, but it is not going to be for families because I want everyone could have their opportunity. Subscribe and Email directly for questions and schedule a phone call: lorena@bylorena.com- . . . #ByLorenaPhotography #Lifestyle #ADayInTheLife #Special

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There it is, our favorite space on this Earth, close to the Ocean, looking at it, imagining what else is happening on that horizontal line. Sometimes we need it on a Monday where all of that is just for us.

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No words needed, listen to it! Inspiration is all over us.

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Lartigue said “For me, life and color are inseparable”

and I think, that is especially true in summer and in spring and in fall and... in winter! But summer, ah! summer and water are inseparable too! . . . #LifestylePhotographer #Summer

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-I only play if I have pink soldiers. -his mom said-

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I'm trying a new handcrafted product: a gorgeous album with its box printed in professional photographic paper. Sorry for the clips took with my iPhone, I was very excited when got it.

I used also photos of fine art school and modern portraits ByLorena and that clean, black background looks gorgeous! Having on your hands photos printed (in such of that great quality) is one of the best feelings you may get after a long and planned photo work. . . . #printsMatter #ModernSchoolPhotosByLorena #FineArtSchoolPhotos

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Sometimes you just need to be quiet and observe.

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When this happens in A Day in The Life photo session ... You know they are having fun, but also creating memories! .

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I'm going to join this family again to see their photos and I'm here smiling while putting it together for them.

The day of the session, we finished it as promised: with ice-creams! And they enjoyed it the most.

I don't know you, but when I am working, I am not hot or cold, and even can skip an ice-cream (and I'm an ice-cream fan), but for sure that after a 4 or 10 hour session with kids, I could go in peace and take my deserved treat... and, shhhh... in weddings, I never left if I didn't try the cake ha! Do you think I should put it on the contract? Cake for the photographer!

Can't wait to see them... This was a very beautiful family lifestyle session designed just for them! . . . #LifestylePhotography #IceCream #IceCreamFan @ByLorenaPhotography

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Happy Birthday to the boy who changed my life!

Thank you for these 9 years! . . . #MyBoy #HappyBirthday #LifestylePhotographerLife

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Last Sunday we celebrated with Lino his B-Day with best friends. He is lucky enough to get double birthday celebrations!

After we went to San Francisco to vote for Venezuela, we came back and prepared "bocadillos" (Spaniard sandwiches with French bread), and neighbors chopped all the fruit for us to make "tizana" (Venezuelan kid sangria?) when we were in the Ferry Building. We had a piñata that my friend Anto was hanging (you are very brave!) while the two boys hit and broken it. Kids finished the ice-cream cake at the beach (the reason you can see all the mountain of cream). Lino didn't want candles but 9 cherries! And we said happy birthday in English, Spanish and Italian... . . . #HappyBirthday #Lino9 #LifestylePhotographerLife

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I don't do mini-sessions but, are you looking for one?

. I have a great opportunity for you to be in an Ad and also get your Xmas photo during a week in October! Limited space.- . You will receive a 90% off for a short photo session in your house, family business, office or your backyard with the sign of a commercial model release! .

Do you want more information? Give me your email! @bylorenaphotography . . . #SanFrancisco #MarinCounty #SonomaCounty #Berkeley

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Yesterday, in our visit to @oaklandmuseumca to see the incredible exhibition of Dorothea Lange.

. It's always a pleasure to visit this museum, a beautiful mid-century modern architecture where simple lines create a beautiful composition between light and shadows. . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #iphone7

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The cutest and the cutest! It was 7:20am when we started our photo shoot on their farm.

She was up, ready and excited to be the rock star of the day, and she totally rocked it! . . . #lifestylePhotography #FarmLifestyle

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Our beautiful town of Petaluma was the scenery for this local family photo session a few months ago.

My favorite photo sessions are those that will remain on you a memory of a moment. So, my favorites are in-home sessions or in the city that you live. Every session is unique to you!

If you are interested in documenting your family with a modern lifestyle photo session or a short session just for the holidays, book a free call consultation with me to know more. If you were affected by the fires, please let me know! . . . #LifestylePhotographer

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Last week, I got to photograph this beautiful family in their incredible place (a dream farm).

Then I had dinner with them and many conversations and smiles around the table! What a pretty experience! Thank you @marcevivefeliz @arianaluna11 !! . . . #sneakpeek #LifestylePhotographer

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Because this magic instant is not back but only in photos.

Loved that evening full of cuddles, cooking and family smell.

This Thanksgiving weekend, you will have the opportunity to purchase photo sessions, personal branding sessions and more with an incredible special price. Stay tuned for this Friday! . . . #LifestylePhotography #BlackFriday #FamilyLove