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Today, I have been mounting photos in custom-made archival mats from local framer (I'm actually still mounting), signing and then packaging the photographs to send out to my clients from their photo sessions. I always feel like you should treat your wor

The cute little tags with modern calligraphy were also a custom-order and made by @andreacomenta . What are you doing today for your clients? . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #BrandingHeadshots

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It's how part of a Lifestyle and A Day In The Life Of photo session looks like and why I love what I do. I want every family can see and recognize them self in 50 years while passing the pages of an album. I want my son explain to his grandchild one day h

@bylorenaphotography. . . #LifestylePhotography #ADayInTheLifeOf

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I'm slow today... Someone else? #ElectionDay has us praying for the best, but I'm positive it is going to be good ;).

Packing and finishing some photos, albums and Folio boxes from last Lifestyle Photo sessions before tomorrow when I'll close myself in a jail because I need to edit something like miles of photos before Thanksgiving. What are you doing while watching the news? . .

The lovely place cards used as tag on my package: @andreacomenta . #LifestylePhotographerLife #Love #Pantsuit #cavanImages #premiumstock

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Do you know that in Spain this is a classic breakfast? Olive oil is part of the culture and a good one doesn't need anything else. Other versions are with tomatoes and garlic. Many nutritionists say that is also a healthy breakfast option. I remember when

Yesterday, while I was making my coffee I was thinking what to have for breakfast... I saw @soyfinlandesa "pan con aceite" . Done! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #SpanishBreakfast

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-What do you do here? -he asked-

-I am here to meet you -The gentlemen answered to Lino-

And they were talking bellow this tree while little leaves were falling down. . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #Thankful

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Our fascinating winter in California!

. . . #lifestyle #lifestylePhotographerLife

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Another authentic moment is up on cavan images to celebrate this Holiday!

. . . #premiumstock #cavanImages #ByLorena