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There it is, our favorite space on this Earth, close to the Ocean, looking at it, imagining what else is happening on that horizontal line. Sometimes we need it on a Monday where all of that is just for us.

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Lartigue said “For me, life and color are inseparable”

and I think, that is especially true in summer and in spring and in fall and... in winter! But summer, ah! summer and water are inseparable too! . . . #LifestylePhotographer #Summer

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-I only play if I have pink soldiers. -his mom said-

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I'm trying a new handcrafted product: a gorgeous album with its box printed in professional photographic paper. Sorry for the clips took with my iPhone, I was very excited when got it.

I used also photos of fine art school and modern portraits ByLorena and that clean, black background looks gorgeous! Having on your hands photos printed (in such of that great quality) is one of the best feelings you may get after a long and planned photo work. . . . #printsMatter #ModernSchoolPhotosByLorena #FineArtSchoolPhotos

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Sometimes you just need to be quiet and observe.

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When this happens in A Day in The Life photo session ... You know they are having fun, but also creating memories! .

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I'm going to join this family again to see their photos and I'm here smiling while putting it together for them.

The day of the session, we finished it as promised: with ice-creams! And they enjoyed it the most.

I don't know you, but when I am working, I am not hot or cold, and even can skip an ice-cream (and I'm an ice-cream fan), but for sure that after a 4 or 10 hour session with kids, I could go in peace and take my deserved treat... and, shhhh... in weddings, I never left if I didn't try the cake ha! Do you think I should put it on the contract? Cake for the photographer!

Can't wait to see them... This was a very beautiful family lifestyle session designed just for them! . . . #LifestylePhotography #IceCream #IceCreamFan @ByLorenaPhotography

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Last Sunday we celebrated with Lino his B-Day with best friends. He is lucky enough to get double birthday celebrations!

After we went to San Francisco to vote for Venezuela, we came back and prepared "bocadillos" (Spaniard sandwiches with French bread), and neighbors chopped all the fruit for us to make "tizana" (Venezuelan kid sangria?) when we were in the Ferry Building. We had a piñata that my friend Anto was hanging (you are very brave!) while the two boys hit and broken it. Kids finished the ice-cream cake at the beach (the reason you can see all the mountain of cream). Lino didn't want candles but 9 cherries! And we said happy birthday in English, Spanish and Italian... . . . #HappyBirthday #Lino9 #LifestylePhotographerLife