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One Photo Lino | One Photo Every Day

One year ago I started a project with my child. It was taking a photo every day, in a simple, easy setup at home. I wanted to teach him consistency and also how $1 per photo was nothing in the beginning but little-by-little it was going to be a… Read more

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It's how part of a Lifestyle and A Day In The Life Of photo session looks like and why I love what I do. I want every family can see and recognize them self in 50 years while passing the pages of an album. I want my son explain to his grandchild one day h

@bylorenaphotography. . . #LifestylePhotography #ADayInTheLifeOf

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Give them a bowl with two handles and you will see them with the cutest faceless one!

This real and authentic moment is part of my lifestyle stock photography collection because I approve my photography in the same way for commercial or for my adored real families. I'm always fascinated by people behavior, especially children... it makes me be faster in capture those moments for my clients and get ready with my camera settings. I also love the light at noon for breakfast and when I'm shooting around the kitchen! I'd like to hear what is something your family kids do one and another time and repeat again and again! . . . #LifestylePhotography #cavanImages

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Sometimes the best portraits have no faces!

. . UPDATE: I have just read about this giveaway from Kristen Lewis which has been always an inspiration for authentic "day in the life" sessions and I have decided to add her hashtag on this photo and luckily I win a class with her to keep learning and enjoying. #CMbreakoutwithkirstenlewis . . #lifestyle #kidsbeingkids #ModernLifestyle

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It has been raining for many days now that I have canceled some photo shoots that weren't planned in that way, but many others are indoor and I have had to start earlier or bringing some strobes and reflectors if needed and we get a great mood, but outdoo

Some of the photos from this lifestyle photo shoot in San Francisco are now available for licensing in CavanImages. Model: @preetiinpink: Thank you for coming all the way to the Bay Area! . . . @bylorenaphotography #LifestylePhotography #cavanImages #pink

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Any background can be a great background, but it is even better when it means something for you! A beautiful and fresh lifestyle photo session is being culled and edited now @graciijane !

. . . #LifestylePhotography #ByLorenaPhotography

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Happy boutique owners and entrepreneurs!

I am glad we have such a beautiful community in Petaluma and small shops where the owner has an exclusive curated selection of stationery and take care personally of the designs. They have an amazing selection and beautiful papers, and also custom design invitations for your weddings or events. I use to get in @shoppaperwhite little gifts for my clients, all the papers I use for my packaging, and sometimes a coffee and always a good conversation. We did a personal branding photo shoot and here it is a sneak peek! . . . #PersonalBrandingPhotography #LifestylePhotographer #personabranding #LifestylePhotography

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A painter and his painting and all inside it.

. I love this photo of Sergio Lopez because it has part of what I felt behind the lens while photographing his process during A Day in his Studio. Those layers that create texture, that double exposure that makes you imagine many different stories in one portrait. . I heard his painting is now live in the shop. Find more info on how to get it at @mainloop . . . #PersonalBranding #LifestylePhotography

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One of the biggest challenges as a lifestyle photographer is trying to connect with your subject! I don't do mini-sessions if that means meeting them right in the location. I take the time to be your friend, to find something in common, listen to you then

I have a special fascination for adult people, how they see their life and how they have lived it. I just see beauty in all of you, you have always something to say and I have always something to say about you, your life, your personal accent or your brand.

I just find fascinating photographing people in this century, the everyday people, then tell their stories. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to do what I love, for allowing me to have a business, for allowing me feeding my kid while giving you part of me, all my professionalism, my years of studying form, light, and composition in many fields and finally finding how to use it all through my lens. I cannot do it without you, I am very thankful for every photo, for every smile I get from you!

This is a sneak peek of a gorgeous person, a happy person, a positive person, the kind of people came to this world to make it simpler, easier, brighter. What is your favorite person in this world to have around? . . . #PersonalBranding #lifestylePhotographer

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I'm going to join this family again to see their photos and I'm here smiling while putting it together for them.

The day of the session, we finished it as promised: with ice-creams! And they enjoyed it the most.

I don't know you, but when I am working, I am not hot or cold, and even can skip an ice-cream (and I'm an ice-cream fan), but for sure that after a 4 or 10 hour session with kids, I could go in peace and take my deserved treat... and, shhhh... in weddings, I never left if I didn't try the cake ha! Do you think I should put it on the contract? Cake for the photographer!

Can't wait to see them... This was a very beautiful family lifestyle session designed just for them! . . . #LifestylePhotography #IceCream #IceCreamFan @ByLorenaPhotography

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What a fun lifestyle photo shoot with this authentic and beautiful model who is also the daughter of a super dear friend, fellow photographer and an amazing stylist. I am downloading them and it's difficult to make a selection.

. . Photo : @bylorenaphotography Model: @oakleyroze Stylist: @darbyjohnsonphotography . . #CaliforniaTeen #LifestylePhotography #PacificOcean #MarinCounty #CommercialLifestyle

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What memories do you have from your European grandmother?

I have "Las torrijas" and green apples chopped with a knife in that blue house... Her beige apron and those big hands that I inherited... All those lines that covered her mouth... I had 6 or 7 that, the last time I saw her... I always smile when eating green apples, I remember her voice and that Galician accent.

Now, I enjoy it to see my son with a bright and fun grandmother, who also taught me another way to eat green apples, make albums for hundred of photos and how to sew the most modern aprons! . . . #GrandmaIsAtHome #LifestylePhotography

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Do you know what is Lifestyle Photography?

It is not about just candid moments but moments that talk about YOU, your life and your style. While documentary photography can give you that info too, there is a fine line between that two categories.

In the way I approach lifestyle, it can manipulate color, composition, and the light to frame the ideal situation and still be authentic and real. For me, it is as when you have guests in your house, you will clean-up the space, will pick your cloth and shows up ready for your friends; and it's still YOU, a unique, and different from anyone else. It could be different if it's in a venue or in a generic location because the energy of your home is unique to you and what you are. Definitely it's something that you would like to remember in 50 years while passing the pages of an album.

It is not a coincidence I changed from general architecture to interior architecture and design to lifestyle photography. I LOVE people and understand their interactions, I love to hear about you, about your life and work together to make a memorable day while framing it forever.

That is maybe the reason I don't do mini-sessions, but I know not everyone has the time for A Day In The Life Photo Session or is at the right moment to afford an archival album or print that I personally design, order, review, pack, and delivery in person to you to make sure to last those 50 years.

In my commercial work, I do lifestyle too and the photos session is approached similarly, I try to keep it as authentic as possible by managing the sessions according to my models and the space. However, in the commercial work, there is a difference in the final product and the way it is delivered. Photos are going to be in an Ad. Photos are digital only and need to be edited for a screen.

Many of you are looking to get Xmas pics or the affordable price of a mini-session. I love to give the opportunity to some families to have an experience and to be photographed for Ads. I opened one week in Oct. for doing short sessions of 30 min in your place, family bz or backyard. I am also opening one week in Sept, and you basically get it free with the sign of a model release.

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Today, I woke up pretty early to meet the sunrise, an authentic farm, and an amazing family.

. . . #LifestylePhotographer #FarmLifestyle

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She will always be the princess of the house!

And between us, she is a master making pasta and pizza! Bravo for families who share traditions! . . . #LifestylePhotography #ItalianAmerican

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The cutest and the cutest! It was 7:20am when we started our photo shoot on their farm.

She was up, ready and excited to be the rock star of the day, and she totally rocked it! . . . #lifestylePhotography #FarmLifestyle

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