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Back to WORK! My happy desk is ready!

Welcome 2017! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife

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My favorite creative American person said: "The details are not the details. They make the design".

Do you know who said it? He is probably an architect for the architects, a designer for the designers, an inventor for the inventors, for me he is a way to think and live and an inspiration in any of the creative areas I have lived for. Even if it is a traditional wedding, there is a way to see which is unique to you. . . . #LifestylePhotographer #ArchitectLifestyle #PhotographerLife #ByLorenaPhotography

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-I only play if I have pink soldiers. -his mom said-

. . . #iPhone #LifestylePhotographerLife #photographerLife #ILoveMyBoy

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When it's closed and you die to get inside... a good strategic because it looks as if I want to come back again...

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She is, first at all, my friend. I met her almost two years ago in a Starbucks, we were there trying to do some work far from home, seated next to the other, both were working on our photography businesses and we didn't know until it was time for us excha

She is very creative and has the coolest wardrobe ever for her models, and for mine too (what I like the most is when she says "I have something Lorena's style") and we laugh very hard, and we stress out together. I don't know I could have a sister in a town I had never heard before in my life until moved out 3 years ago... And I love her to pieces.

You will find her at @rusticallyromantic and in a wedding every weekend and while makes everyone having so much fun. Thank you! Thank you! . . . #PhotographerLife #PersonalBrandingPhotographer

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Such a beautiful couple this mom and dad! Not only that, she is the sweetest photographer ever and as a photographer you know that is a treasure to be in the photos with your family! Thank you @andreafriedman82 for being a gorgeous person, a "paisana", a

#sneakpeek . . . #LifestylePhotographer #RealLove