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  1. There is something I love and it is spending time with people who can tell you many things about their lives. People who have traveled, and have lived their days, then their houses are a reflection of who they are, full of souvenirs from every moment liv

    I have now a calling for senior citizen couples. Photos will be submitted to my premium stock agency. If you are in San Francisco…

  2. Sunset

    . . . #Sunday

  3. Photo for @playgroundgourmet, because it is 2017 and school are back!

    Which container keeps food crunchy and have been used for 3 years now? @ecolunchbox of course! Do you have another favorite contai…

  4. Back to WORK! My happy desk is ready!

    Welcome 2017! . . . #LifestylePhotographerLife

  5. Our fascinating winter in California!

    . . . #lifestyle #lifestylePhotographerLife

  6. It's how part of a Lifestyle and A Day In The Life Of photo session looks like and why I love what I do. I want every family can see and recognize them self in 50 years while passing the pages of an album. I want my son explain to his grandchild one day h

    @bylorenaphotography. . . #LifestylePhotography #ADayInTheLifeOf

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