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What a fun lifestyle photo shoot with this authentic and beautiful model who is also the daughter of a super dear friend, fellow photographer and an amazing stylist. I am downloading them and it's difficult to make a selection.

. . Photo : @bylorenaphotography Model: @oakleyroze Stylist: @darbyjohnsonphotography . . #CaliforniaTeen #LifestylePhotography #PacificOcean #MarinCounty #CommercialLifestyle

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I don't do mini-sessions but, are you looking for one?

. I have a great opportunity for you to be in an Ad and also get your Xmas photo during a week in October! Limited space.- . You will receive a 90% off for a short photo session in your house, family business, office or your backyard with the sign of a commercial model release! .

Do you want more information? Give me your email! @bylorenaphotography . . . #SanFrancisco #MarinCounty #SonomaCounty #Berkeley

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She will always be the princess of the house!

And between us, she is a master making pasta and pizza! Bravo for families who share traditions! . . . #LifestylePhotography #ItalianAmerican

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That serenity on every firm step accompanied of a sweet and soft footprint, makes me fall in love when photographing these adults.

Too much to say but instead, they get back to you with a smile, without hurries and with another smile.

I wanna sit next to them, put my head on their shoulder and brief at the same rhythm. I want them to be my life coach, my other mom, my psychology, my business adviser... They are beautiful, not because what they say, but for what they don't... for the way they move, and for that shining shadow they leave on their way! . . . #PersonalBranding @bylorenaphotography #LifestylePhotographer

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Since I was a teenager I was the one in the family making the decorations, Xmas three and soon did it for the family friends. I am still the one that receives face calls asking for ideas, what color to use on their new child nursery or helping with a desi


But from far away that I have loved the most is photographing my friends, and become a friend to those I will photograph. So, photographing them in beautiful spaces have been a dream and what I was born for, it's a journal that has been growing with and thanks to my friends. . . .

#PersonalBrandingPhotographer #LifestylePhotographer #LifestylePhotographerLife

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Beauty is around us, sometimes in the most ordinary and everyday things. It's the way you look at it (a.k.a, the way you compose and harmonize it with your life). Also, fresh herbs and the garlic from the farm, and what are you able to make from it!

. . . #LifestylePhotographerLife #onMyTable

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I have the honor of discovering through many other eyes. Life is such a beautiful journal and I cannot find a better way for looking at it than using my camara to get into yours. Thank you Vane for letting me to be part of your world!

. . . #LifestylePhotographer #SurfingGirl

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